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3rd-Oct-2006 08:58 pm - Buddhism and Sex
sublime objects
In case you were wondering about views of buddhism on sex... here is a nice article. I'm not going to translate it anytime soon, but if you can read English, some points are interesting.


This one is a little more "in your face", but I think the point is the same: http://www.urbandharma.org/udharma5/sex.html

So is desire independent from the desired act?
sublime objects
Love and Attachment

People often wonder how to reconcile the Buddha's teachings on non-attachment with those on love. read moreCollapse )

Любовь и привязанность

Люди зачастую задумываются о том, как совмещать учения Будды о непривязанности с учениями о любви. читать весь переводCollapse )
sublime objects
As a friend, my request and wish is that... read onCollapse )

Как друг, я желаю и прошу Вас... читать далееCollapse )
sublime objects
Karmic potentials give rise to a broad array of impulses that affect our lives. read onCollapse )


Кармический потенциал вызывает широкий спектр импульсов, которые влияют на нашу жизнь. читать далееCollapse )
sublime objects
...meditation on emptiness begins with gaining a sense of the inherent existence of which phenomena are empty, for without understanding what is negated, you cannot understand its absence, emptiness.
read onCollapse )
sublime objects

Working with Guilt: How Not to Return to the Scene of the Crime
by Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

read onCollapse )

Управление виной: Как Не возвращаться на Место Преступления
Дзигар Конгтрул Ринпоче

читать переводCollapse )
sublime objects
At the moment the world's spiritual traditions have greatly degenerated. It is very important in such times that the practitioners themselves make especially strong efforts to gain realization. To permit the lineages of transmission to disappear is to allow the world to plunge into darkness. read onCollapse )
sublime objects
Once the body, channels, and wind are balanced, the next step is to keep your mind in the natural state through meditation. By simply maintaining the mind as it is, without adding or subtracting anything, one will reach the inner nature, which is unchanging and indestructible.
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